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Category: Musings

Exploring a singular topic thoughtfully.


Here are 30 things I did in my 30th year: 1.I spent time with family 2. I laughed a lot … Continue Reading 30


Dear October, A word about politics. Imagine there were four people, each with unique muscle stiffness in their necks. One’s … Continue Reading October


Dear July, I began this year with your friend January, and January’s good friends Hope, Joy and Anticipation. Joy does … Continue Reading July


Dear June, How wrapped up in my nostalgia you are. Layered with my childhood summer holidays, I have only to … Continue Reading June


Dear May, I hope you would indulge me by sharing this letter with one other person. Really the only person … Continue Reading May


Dear April, This is my understanding of hands. They hold and contain only when they are cupped. Fully extended, they … Continue Reading April


I have a friend called D. Well, not really a friend, more like a persistent acquaintance who has popped in … Continue Reading D