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About my work


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My name is Naliaka Odera and I am a freelance writer, editor and social media consultant. I am also a proud Kenyan Belgian who has lived in Kenya, Belgium, Canada and Thailand. I currently reside in Nairobi, Kenya. While in Canada, I earned a BA at the University of British Columbia. I have an ongoing love affair with words and love great conversations as well as all genres of literature.

As a freelance writer and editor, I have worked for Corporations, NGOs and individuals to create and/or edit various types of documentation. If interested in working with me in my capacity as a writer or editor, please contact me with the request details here.

I am the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of ‘Of Africa’, an online platform that celebrates women of African descent while fostering editorial talent. ‘Of Africa’ started as a passion project of my university friend turned partner Julia Zvobgo, and has grown into a community of women writers, editors and photographers who each have a story to tell to dispel myths about women of African descent and celebrate the successes. If you are a young woman of African descent who is looking for much needed skills in writing or editing, contact us and step into this welcoming community of sisterhood.  

I am also a founding member of Social 4 Rookies, a training and consultancy group that teaches companies and individuals the integral concepts of branding online at a beginners level. If you or your company, whether fledgling or established, is looking to demystify the use of social media, then contact Social 4 Rookies to find out about their most recent training.

Through Of Africa and my consultation, I stress the importance of people learning vital communication skills to be able to speak for themselves.



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