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Here are 30 things I did in my 30th year:

1.I spent time with family

2. I laughed a lot

3. I celebrated my best friend’s wedding

4. I launched a community for women of African descent with a good friend

5. I spoke up more about my mental health

6. I took my friend Alison to the coast of Kenya

7. I saw my brother twice

8. I got my first independent writing assignment

9. I spent time with baby elephants

10. I started an Instagram account

11. I posted more regularly on my blog

12. I reconnected with old friends

13.I sketched (a little) more


14. I wrote the first draft to a novel

15. I made new friends

16. I made goals and then set out to accomplish them

17. My Grandmother took her first selfie

18. I wrote a lot

19. I spent time with my parents

20. I celebrated my cousin’s wedding

21. I read a lot

22. I remembered my Grandfather with my family

23. I ate a lot

24. I wrote a piece about mental health for Of Africa

25. I made promises to myself

26. I celebrated Christmas in Kenya for the first time in years

27. I travelled the country

28. I wrote more poems

29. I dreamed

30. I came to love myself

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