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Dear February,

In my life you have always been a reminder month.

A reminder of how short life can be when you allow it to sneak past you. Your 28 days begin as a leisurely amble and end in a breathless sprint.

A reminder of the people who I love and how real love is always so much more complex than teenage, idealistic me thought it ever could be.

A reminder of just what it will take to put into action all the dreams I conjured up in January.

But since 2015, you have been a different, more poignant reminder to me. A reminder of what I have in my family and what we have lost. A reminder of what a quiet personality can accomplish with silence and grit and determination and love. A reminder of the searing pain of loss. A reminder of the unifying strength of shared sadness. A reminder of who I am. Not just a reminder of who I love but a reminder of how I love.

So I thank you, February. For all those reminders and moments of reflection. Sometimes painful, sometimes joyous, but always necessary.

Until next time,


Naliaka O.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for this gift of reminders. Looking out for landmarks in our lives help us to fully appreciate what we have.

    Can’t wait for March to end!

    Love you M

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