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Friend i saw your eyes gleam when you saw my food
Sticky fingers
i let you try some and now you have taken the whole platter

Friend I was cautious when you tapped your fingers to the beat of my music
Sticky fingers
i did not teach you but you listened closely to my private lullabies and then sang them on the street corner and called them your own creation.

Friend i was scared when i noticed your calculating stare on my figure
Sticky fingers
even when i hugged my clothes tightly to myself you prised them off me

Friend i thought i had nothing left for you to steal when you came close
Sticky fingers
I should have known that everything you touch sticks to your fingers and rips away from its home

Sticky fingers now you have reduced me to my bare minimum and you are wrapped up in my ill fitting riches but you don’t know

I don’t need sticky fingers

I call out and what is mine returns

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  1. How beautiful. Please give us more of this. Sticky fingers will not covert your master pieces, sticky fingers will learn to enjoy your writings and share. Mum

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