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These are the important life pursuits: find your people and find out who are apart from your people. Be reassured that there are people out there who take joy in that which you find joyful. You will sit with them and it will be as though you have known them your whole life. Find your community and carve out a position within that community.

But do not be too concerned if it takes you a little longer than others to find your people. In that journey, encounter souls deeply different from yourself. If you are doing it right, you will find your edges begin to distinguish themselves from others. in the rich complexity of others your own otherness will take shape. Your beliefs will be more than ‘just like everybody else’, they will be distinct. You will have to explain yourself and define yourself. And some of these conversations will be helpful to you understanding you.

And in moments of frustration, when you feel overwhelmed by the isolation of being different, remember your community. Sink back into them with enthusiasm and pride. Remember this part of yourself as well.

If you are truly blessed you may find that some of your people have been there with you all along. Waiting for you to take the step further into being you and willing to support you when you do.

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