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There are things that we can do and there are things that we simply can not. Too often the world lets us know all the things we can not do, and sometimes adds a few more on the list, just to mess with us. Then there are all the ways we tell ourselves that what we want to do is impossible. Take it from this realist, there is plenty that we can do.

We can tell the people around us who we love that we love them.

We can test ourselves and stretch ourselves.

We can hold hands more.

We can mean it when we hug people.

We can learn to listen well.

We can be kind to others.

We can be kind to ourselves.

We can breathe in deeply when we find a moment a stillness.

We can recognize that everybody has a story that contextualizes them.

We can seek out to connect: with ourselves, with each other and with divinity.

We can love ourselves.

We can count our blessings.

We can dream.

We can try and try again.

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  1. There are endless possibilities of what we can do. Keep shouting it from the mountain top! Proud as always!

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