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Cyclically I came to see

The sadness that lived inside of me

How much a part of it was i

Or it a part of me

I could never know

I could never know

No never could I

No never could I

A step forwards

Is a step backwards

It could only be so

So be

Only could it?

Only could it?

Broken patterns like shattering light

In fractured, stained glass delight

Led the way to a new journey

Adjusting the cycles

Cycling the adjustments

Fuelled by determination

That I mistook as pride

Or misunderstood

Misunderstood or


My own love for me

My own love for peace

My own love for joy

My own love

My own


Own my love

Love my own

Cyclically I came to see

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  1. Even in our most darkest moments, there is a light from above that shines into our lives and allows us to know that He is always there! This light illuminates such wonderful thoughts that you have managed to capture!

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